Monday, March 7, 2011

Gourmet - Secrect to Domestic Bliss

Offer Expired

The Gourmet Cookbook: More than 1000 recipes
Sale: $5.90
I recently boasted about my Honey's skills in the kitchen (My Gourmet Guy).  They do say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach...I found an great steal on an exciting looking cookbook (I'll be honest: I've been more of a collector of cookbooks than a user of them).  I do have ulterior motives for this purchase. He'll think it's for me to use, but hopefully the gourmet in him will browse through it and make something for ME.  Because he knows there is also a pathway to my heart through my stomach as we have had our share of romantic (and not so romantic, just plain fun) dining experiences when we were dating!  Share desert, are you crazy?!  I want my own.  Oh happy memories! But,I have to hurry up and get this purchase in before March 9th.  My Lenten sacrifices include avoiding all spending/shopping on any non necessities (among other things).

The Gourmet Cookbook: More than 1000 recipes Normally $40, on sale for $5.90. 

Update: I received the book. LOVE it. The book has over 1000 recipes, a DVD, and weighs over 5 lbs.  The shipping alone must have cost more than the book itself.  Good thing it was free shipping! 

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