Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Thanks to Erasmo Cortez

I have been searching the internet high and low using my wireless internet hyattsville connection trying to decide what I am going to get my brother in law for his birthday. He is just one of those people who has everything. I can never think of anything to get him for Christmas or for his birthday. Last year, we ended up just getting him a gift card to Starbucks that lasted a really long time because we just couldn’t figure out what we should do. I have been reading tons of gift blogs, looking on Pintrest, etc. and still can’t come up with something. I hate to just give him another gift card, because I feel like it is just so impersonal. To make my situation even worse, he is the best gift giver. Anything that he has ever given me, I have absolutely loved! He really knows how to pick out great gifts. I only have two more weeks until his birthday rolls around. I am hoping that something will come to me sooner rather than later!
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