Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thankful Wife!

My hubby bravely headed out to the grocery store on the night before Thanksgiving. He is such a brave soul! He did escape a diaper change of the smelly sort. I still felt like I got the WIN. Poopy diaper vs. grumpy shoppers doing last minute Thanksgiving dinner shopping, no thank you!

He's in the kitchen now chopping onions (and vocalizing his displeasure with onion chopping) while I watch Yo Gabba Gabba with our little one AND enjoying a tiny bit of online time.

Happy (Thankful) Wife!

Wife's Parents Move

Guest post of the week by Deangelo Spencer

My wife is having a very hard time accepting her parents are getting older. Her family has always been so close and so loving. When we first met, I was jealous of her family. They were honest with one another and enjoyed spending time together. However, her parents now need help doing everything. She finally was able to convince them to move into a smaller and more practical home. However, I think she quickly regretted that. She did absolutely everything. She set up all the utilities, had Atlanta ADT Security installed in the home. She even repainted all of the walls. Her parents just signed all the papers and walked in the door. My wife is a loving person and would do anything for her family, but I think she is working herself too hard. She needs to take a break and rest a little. I know this past month has been very hard on her. I wish there was something I could do to help, but right now the only thing I know is to continue supporting her decisions.

Wordless Wednesday: Thanksgiving


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Paycheck Woes

Guest post written by my buddy Lavern Small

I graduated college!! There were times when I never thought this day would come, but it is here and I am super excited! I found my own apartment and a real job. I feel like such an adult! I started my job last week and my first paycheck came today. However, you would think this would be an exciting moment. It wasn’t! I had no idea how much money the government takes out of your pay check. I was in shock when I opened my paycheck and it was a much different number than I expected. I quickly came to the realization that I needed to find a way to save some money and fast. I went to and got a great rate. I decided to pack my lunch for work instead of eating out and I have decided to only drink water. When you add up all these savings, I will hopefully be within my means after what the government took. Oh well, I guess that is one of the lessons of adulthood. Well, that and register to vote ASAP!
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