Friday, May 27, 2011

"Happily Ever After Tip": Watch Your Wedding Video

Sorry folks, I had to forgo my Friday Feature as I haven't had much of a chance to peruse any blogs since I am just returning from our vacation. So in lieu of featuring a marriage related blog I've decided to share a marriage tip!  I cannot claim this to be my own idea as it is not.  But I still find it worth sharing.  My husband and I had about a year long engagement and during that time we really focused on marriage preparation.  With guidance from our priest we set our sights on creating a strong foundation.  (Note: He is the only priest in our parish who had at one time been married as he entered the priesthood after his wife's passing).  Since our spiritual advisor had real life experience it made us very comfortable knowing that he knew what he was talking about! We also participated in Engagement Encounter which addresses that "a wedding is a day, a marriage is a lifetime".  We gained quite a bit of useful information. Of the many things that we learned one of my favorites is from a suggestion made by one of the long-time married couples:  watch your wedding video and look at your wedding photos from time to time.  Remind yourself of how joyous you were and how happily & freely you each entered the promise "through good times and bad", "in sickness and in health", etc... It is especially useful when you are feeling annoyed with one another.  Every anniversary I make it a point to watch.  Admittedly the entire video is much too long to watch often.  Luckily my husband made a "highlight" video.  I used to cringe when seeing myself get all happily choked up and on the verge of tears as I am not very comfortable with any public displays of raw emotion.  I am getting better though.  I love seeing my husband and I so happy that I watch it from time to time even when I am not annoyed!  I would LOVE to hear about your marriage tips! Please share! 

I must note that ALL of the marriage prep discussions that we had from people including our priest, to the couples hosting the Engagement retreat, to our friends and family who are married...They ALL shared that EVERY marriage has its tough times and that being married is not easy. Staying married is happier when you see and remember the day it all started. Watch your video. Together!

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Please excuse my absence as I work on my tan, relax with my husband, and play with our son on the beautiful beaches of the Hawaiian Islands.  We are returning to my beloved birthplace as well as revisiting our Honeymoon destination!  We will be celebrating the end of my 30's as well as 1 year of motherhood.  "SEE" you all when I'm 40!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday's Featured Friend!

Welcome back to my Friday Featurette. Today I would like to showcase a post that is from one of my favorite bloggers.  Heidi of Sacred and Profane has won me over with her honesty and humor. I had also included her in my post:  Versatile Bloggers.  I wanted to honor her here on Happy Wife, Happy Life because I think that this lady is on to something when it comes to "Happily Ever After"! Please read her her über honest post:  If I'm Being Honest . Go Heidi! You can tell by the comments from her readers that she struck a nerve with this one!

This woman is generous enough to share her tips on Top Ten Ways To Grow Your Blog. Gotta love a woman who can share secrets and helpful hints!

You can also find Heidi on Twitter because her wit doesn't just come with her blog posts! You can get a quickie laugh via Twitter!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Featurette

Please excuse me as I try to clever with today's post! This is in honor of Lindsay, her marriage, and her blog Life As 5. I wanted to share this, because her post made me happy. Married life is a dynamic one and though there are tons of "mommy" blogs that address motherhood - there aren't many (that I have found) that honors married life. I've decided to dedicate my Friday posts featuring other Happy Wife, Happy Life stories!  I know that life isn't always "rainbows & butterflies" but I always love an inspiring post!

And to think that I thought that I was the only one with a super duper husband?! Hooray for husbands that love their wife!

Read her story: Life As 5: Let's hear it for the boy...: "I love my husband. Do you want to know why? No, not really? Well, too damn bad it's my blog and i'll post what I want! Time for a list! ..."

Check out Life as 5 on Facebook too!

See you next Friday - I'm on a quest to find the next inspiring post!
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