Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Featurette

Please excuse me as I try to clever with today's post! This is in honor of Lindsay, her marriage, and her blog Life As 5. I wanted to share this, because her post made me happy. Married life is a dynamic one and though there are tons of "mommy" blogs that address motherhood - there aren't many (that I have found) that honors married life. I've decided to dedicate my Friday posts featuring other Happy Wife, Happy Life stories!  I know that life isn't always "rainbows & butterflies" but I always love an inspiring post!

And to think that I thought that I was the only one with a super duper husband?! Hooray for husbands that love their wife!

Read her story: Life As 5: Let's hear it for the boy...: "I love my husband. Do you want to know why? No, not really? Well, too damn bad it's my blog and i'll post what I want! Time for a list! ..."

Check out Life as 5 on Facebook too!

See you next Friday - I'm on a quest to find the next inspiring post!


Lindsay said...

That girl featured on your post is ravishing.....

Ha, pfffft! : )

I am so happy you featured me on your blog. You just made my week!

Thanks so much, I love it!

Life by Cynthia said...

@ Lindsay I'm glad you are happy. I am happy that you're happy! Thank you for letting me share you on my blog! We should all be lucky enough to have a hubby that loves us. Those guys are lucky to have nice wives like us to appreciate them :) Ok...maybe I don't ALWAYS show my appreciation but reading your blog reminds that I am lucky and should.

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