Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cats & Dogs

OK, I am no expert but here is my theory on" happily ever after" - This is just a small portion of a few other upcoming blogs on happy married life.

Growing up my Mom always said that my siblings and I  fought like cats & dogs.  We did.  Now we are all the best of friends and super close.  That's the way it works out with siblings.  You spend so much time fighting, then you grow up.  As a grown up you realize how much you love each other & would do ANYTHING for each other.  In reality it works the same way in marriage too.  I may write about how wonderful our married life is (which it truly IS) but truth be told it wasn't always rainbows & butterflies!  Big surprise right? Couples disagree. Couples don't always like each other.  People run out of patience.  We are only human after all.  But fighting isn't all bad.  It's a learning experience.  If you love each other, you work it out.  You build respect for one another by exposing yourself  to someone else's feelings - life becomes more than just about YOU.

We have had our fair share of disagreements but without them there is no growth, no passion.  No fights = no make-ups.  Making up is fun right?!  My advice to unmarried couples even THINKING about tying the knot: Fight like cats & dogs.  Fight & make up. Once you have a few spats & STILL want to be together you will have strengthened your relationship.  Survive a few near break ups.  Go ahead break up.  Get back together. But do this all before you get married.  Fight until there is nothing left to fight about.  Then spend your married life (for the rest of your life) laughing about how silly your fights were.  Try having kids - you will try to stay on your best behavior (since you will be setting an example), you won't yell (so you don't wake the baby), and too tired to have disagreements.

I know without a doubt that my husband & I have a relationship will endure no matter what.  That comfort and peace of mind is priceless.

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