Monday, January 31, 2011

Flower delivery?'s not Valentine's day.  Not my birthday.  Not my anniversary.

Today I left the office early to work from home since I am STILL so sick.  I was in such a rush that I left my cell phone at the office.  Of course I did not realize this until I walk into the house.  I turned myself around to go back and get it (good thing the office is less than 5 miles away). What do I find sitting on my desk (next to my cell phone)?!  Flowers...not just flowers but a living tulip bulbs in a planter - perfect for my desk!  I called my hubby right away and confirmed that the sweetness and surprise was courtesy of my man. Yay!  Note: Tulips are my fave.  I got the "just because" reason when I asked what it was about. How did he know that I wanted something nice for my office desk?

It's nice being me.  Even when sick and absentminded.  Good thing I forgot my phone huh?

Wife, loved.

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