Monday, January 17, 2011

Hubby as Daddy - too cute

This happy wife loves to see her hubby in his new daddy role.  Our little one LOVES his papa. One of the baby duties that he took on as daddy is nose patrol.  My little guy never has runny, crusty, or snot stuck nostrils.  This doting daddy, my husband, is extremely diligent at making sure that our child's nose is in tip top shape. This morning our little guy stuck his finger into his daddy's right nostril and immediately put that little digit into daddy's mouth!  I think it's payback from all the times my husband cleans out his boogies!  I think he learned this trick from his God brother who did the same to my husband last year!  Our Godson was a little older than our guy at the time - he cracked up so hard after doing this so we knew it was intentional! Maybe our son is just showing his daddy some love by returning the favor.  I'm glad that I am not the booger expert.  I'll stick to the mani-pedi's as I am better with nail clipping vs. boogie picking.  Wife, happy.

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