Friday, January 14, 2011


A picture is worth a thousand words, right?!  I'm not sure if I have a thousand words to say about this one. I love it.  3 words sum it up for me.

Note:  When I started blogging again I had the mindset that I would post words and not so much by way of pictures.  To me  photos are a bit personal and I wanted to be conservative with what I share on the world wide web.  I figured that at this time my readership is low, so why not?  Plus, looking at this picture makes me happy.

I have to share my observations: This daddy is playing a game on the PS3, caring for a napping infant in the Sleepy Wrap (we love!), probably paying bills online on the laptop (I see an Amex bill on the sofa arm to his right), and looking quite relaxed.  Definitely not a stressed out first time dad!  It looks to me that he has the time to play games, pay bills, take care of baby, relax, and be photographed - not bad. Wife, happy.

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