Friday, September 9, 2011

Inspired by Tiffany Noth

I honestly wish that I had more time blog more often, but it's pretty tough since I do work full time outside of the home and we are very busy keeping up with our 15 month old son.  I just had to share this post because I am feeling a whole bunch of gratitude for my marriage that I couldn't contain my desire to share.

I am thankful that my husband & I have a mutual respect for one another. Life can be hard enough without adding an unhappy household to the mix.  We both have our fair share of stressors in life and can get on each other's nerves but do our best for the sake of our family.  In preparing for marriage, our spiritual advisor (who was married before becoming a priest after his wife passed away) taught us that the best gift that we could share with our future children is to love one another.  He encouraged us to demonstrate our love and respect for one another. We have started to see that lesson in action.  When my husband gets home from work and greets me with a hug and kiss, our son runs right up to us and wants to make it a family hug.  He then gives kisses to each of us.  Again, he is only 15 months old but knows that we love each other.

I do on occasion get to read some inspiring posts.  Today, I read one written by Tiffany Noth of A Bloggy Mom.  I found it to be a great reminder and wanted to share that with you all.  Please read her post: Marriage, Wifehood, Respect.  Thank you Tiffany for reminding us all of the importance of respecting each other.  As Tiffany points out, we try to teach our children about respect - what better way than to teach by example? 

Do you have any lessons that you have learned along the way that can be useful to newly married couples?  Please share.


Tiffany Noth said...

Thank you so much!!

Ashleigh/Merely Momma said...

Love your blog! Found you via vB. Definitely following!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I am going to be married 3 years this December. I'm still learning the ins and outs, but I agree with you 100% on the mutual respect and love aspect of marriage. It is very important! The other thing that I think every newlywed couple should know is that communication is VITAL. 99% of my marital arguments start over a misunderstanding or a lack of communication. The more we make an effort to communicate clearly to one another, the less we fight. I love being married and I love my hubby!

Life by Cynthia said...

@Tiffany Noth Thank YOU! And You're welcome. Sometimes a reminder from someone else's blog post is just what one needs!

@Ashleigh/Merely Momma Thank you. :)

@Lane Congrats on your marriage & motherhood! I appreciate your thoughts and love that you took the time to leave a comment. I will definitely be visiting you on your blog!

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