Thursday, September 8, 2011

Husband To The Rescue, Again.

For the past few days I had been suffering with a Migraine.  Poor timing as we had a day off for Labor Day on Monday.  I spent a the majority of that day in bed.  I had to work on Tuesday which is also when the pain and nausea peaked. It's not a surprise that this put me into a Crappy Mood.  I struggled through my workday but had to bail about half way through as I was overcome by throbbing pain and severe nausea.  I was barely able to drive and about half way home I just KNEW that I was going to barf.  I scanned the car frantically for something to throw up into. Luckily I found an empty plastic bag on the floor of the passenger side. WHEW!  OK, TMI.  Back to my Hero Hubby again.  Well - I did feel a smidgen better after I hurled, but not well enough to function.  While I rested my husband took over for a defeated Mommy.  He fed and bathed our little boy.  Normally I am on bath duty and until then hubby hadn't really given our guy a bath unassisted.  Now that I know that Daddy is great at the task of bathing, I just may let him take over bath time from now on!  Headache or not.  On second thought - I'll continue with bath time...I would much rather do that then take the trash out.

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