Sunday, February 6, 2011

My other Web Logs

Why so many separate blogs? Read:  BLOG BACK STORY

Confidential Conversation :  My diary style blog. A conversation with myself if you will. Much like a diary. Just my personal thoughts for the day. Something for me to look back on and ponder

Dollars & SenseRetail therapy for cost conscious folks like myself. I love the challenge of finding a good deal. I gladly share what I find.

My Life as Mom  :  All about a first time mom. This blog is dedicated to all of my mommy thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

Recollection Collection :  Reliving random memories from days of old.

The Skinny :   "The skinny..." is a relatively recent idiom that means to give the bare facts about something without a lot of unnecessary detail: a concise, detailed report on. No holds barred...An invite only blog, so let me know if you want in.

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