Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Going on Year 3

My dear husband and I will very soon be celebrating 3 years of marriage.  We have really come together not only as husband and wife but also as parents.  We compliment each other when it comes to parenting.  He is such a great father.  He helps me to be the best mother that I can be and vice versa.  In my short time as a wife and mother I have never felt that everything is "all on me".  Feeling supported and offering support to each other is what gets us  through even the toughest of days.  If I am completely exhausted from a taxing day at work I don't have to be a cranky momma to our son because my husband will be there to play with him, feed him, or just hold him while I decompress.  I wouldn't be a good mom without having my good husband.  It's nice to have him there for me, for us. Our son is a happy child and I am grateful for that.  I'm excited to see what the NEXT 3 years will bring.

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